Community Hub Café

Every Thursday 1pm – 4pm

Mapledurham Playing Fields Pavilion

WhoWADRA will have the Mapledurham Playing Fields Pavilion open for the community to come to enjoy a drink with a friend or meet and chat to new people.
The Café will also be open to local interest groups, charities, clubs, and local businesses that would like to come in and be available for people to hear about their topics, products, groups or services. This can only be done by prior arrangement with WADRA. Please get in touch using the contact form.
WhatWADRA will be serving drinks, cakes and snacks from the kitchen. 
WhenEvery Thursday afternoon, from 1-4pm.
WhereMapledurham Playing Fields Pavilion.
WhyTo provide a place for the community to meet, relax, learn new things and meet new people. 


DateLocal business, charity, club or interest group planning to attend
6 JanuaryClosed!
13 JanuaryOpen
20 JanuaryOpen
27 JanuaryMary Kay pampering

Volunteers to help run the Café

The Community Hub Café is run by WADRA volunteers, helping us keep the cost of providing drinks and cakes at a minimum. If you would like to volunteer to work in the kitchen on a Thursday afternoon, please get in touch using the contact form.