Yard Trail Sale — Advice for Sellers

  1. Clear out all of your useful, still usable items that you no longer want and arrange them in your front garden, and ensure that you put prices on items.
  2. Items can be pretty much anything – from clothes, toys, books, furniture, garden equipment, plants, crafts, artwork.
  3. If you would like to sell, but don’t live in Caversham, but know someone who lives in the area, please ask them if you can use their garden. It is fine for a number of sellers to be at one address. However, we hope that individual stall holders will each pay the booking fee.
  4. You can pay by bank transfer; we will supply account details when you submit your seller form. If you would like to pay by cash, just let us know and we can arrange for this as well. Payment is due no later than 22 July.
  5. Please do not set up your items on the verge or block traffic in any way.
  6. Please ensure that visitors to your sale park considerately.

All homeowners and participants in the Yard Sale Trail are responsible for their own security and COVID-19 safety measures. However, we would recommend the following:

  • Ensure that buyers cannot access the back of your home and that doors and windows that are not in sight are secure.
  • If you cannot set up your garden such that you will always be 2 metres away from buyers, it is advised to wear a mask.
  • When handling money, it is advised to use gloves or have sufficient amounts of hand sanitiser to use throughout the selling period.